Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vote vote vote

This is just a quick little post. I entered this little bluefly contest thanks to a fellow blogger's page visit her here . Contestants have to basically post a picture of their favorite summer shoe and right now I am loving my mules. You just have to vote for your favorite shoe. Yes just that easy! 
You can search me under Amy or the the name I gave my picture wait for it.... "sweet sugar candy man" hahaha don't ask why numerous nights watching sex and the city are starting to rub off!
If my shoes are not your thing you can also vote for Socalfashionista. She is wearing the most beautiful Bianca pumps. I swear this girl is my blogging soulmate and we don't even know each other she is just like me just a few years older same clothing style, same writing style, same footwear love!


  1. Awh Amy thanks for the shout out! I couldn't agree with you more! Next time I'm in Miami or if you come to LA we have to get together!

  2. They're cute! What brand are they?


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