Friday, January 29, 2010

Highlights of Paris fashion week

It is finally that time of the year!
The time for our favorite household names to unveil their creative geniuses in their extravagant Haute couture shows.
I present to you Paris’s Haute Couture spring/summer 2010 collections (actually I should have said MY favorite collections).

First up Valentino held on Jan. 27
Let's see...
Valentino's Haute Couture show, used to be well.. COUTURE and now it just looks like another ready to wear collection. Where is the extravaganza please! Thank God for Dior! (which I will discuss later).
but anyways with that said... I am not totally disappointed at Chiuri & Piccioli's work (the craftsmanship of the predominant chiffon was impeccable). I actually like the direction the line is taking, but it just doesn't feel like it is Valentino anymore.

Now it's Chanel's turn... and you all know that even if the Chanel collection was hideous I would still find it breathtaking.
But seriously when is Chanel ever hideous?
The show was held Jan. 26 and Uncle Karl opted for a very different palette this time.
Yep, that's right.. no more black or navy. The collection was silver and pastel in its entirety.

Last is Dior... and Galliano sure knows how to put a smile on my face.
He played with the theme of Equestrian Glamour and everything from the dresses, the models, the makeup, the hair & the music screamed Paris Fashion week on his Jan. 25 show.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hermes.. because you are worth it!

The new Hermes s/s 2010 campaign has surfaced the web, and it is delightful!
Karlie Kloss sure knows how to work the camera! As far as the ads go the luxury meets simplicity approach worked really really well.
Back to Karlie... I wonder what Miss Bank's thinks of this girl's modeling abilities? 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vicky in a sticky situation?

My favorite "I never wear flats" girl was caught doing just that!
Ohhh the horror ... Please giver her a break.
Not only has the Beckster been seen sporting some serious heels time after time, but she also has a really bad case of bunions (ouch)!
.. and I know about bunions because I have them too. shhhh
However.. Her rep says it's just a fashion choice.
Either way she looks perfect because that's what Vicky does best!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Never underestimate the power of Zara

Just when I thought my relationship with Zara was over I found this little leopard print dress.
It didn't seem like much at first but after playing around with accessories I ended up really liking it. Plus I only spent $30.00 on it! Cute right?

Btw remember that ring I told you guys about back on December? Here is the promised up close shot.

.. and I finally decided to try blue mascara!!! I choose Dior Show.

 and I loveeed it!

I decided to wear the dress with my red serpent Dior pumps. My head really wanted me to wear black Louboutins, but my heart wanted Dior this time around.

xoxo with a little bit of peace..

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Put your freakum dress on

I am totally hooked on Katy Perry and 3OH!3's Starstrukk song. Hooked as an like I watch the video multiple times throughout the day type of thing (so yes, it's serious).
But what I liked the most about the video was Perry's mickey mouse pink dress.
Soooo.. I went on an online hunt, and found out it is a Brian Lichtenberg design... and as usual I ended up liking more things from his collection that just that one dress.
Lichtenberg happens to be an L.A based designer with an avant- garde sense of style (don't we love those?).
Apparently celebs seem to love him too. His designs have been see on The Lady, La Lohan, Beyonce, and Miss Perry of course.

Here is the freakum dress Katy wore in the video (and I am totally buying, you can mark my words). It ranges from $250-$290 depending on the website you order it from. The only problem is that he makes limited quantities of his designs.

I also loved this shiny little piece (Lohan wore a similar one). Very 80's just what we want in 2010!
$ 368.00

And as a tank lover I went crazy for his tanks!! Specially this Brianel one.. so cute and clever.
$ 78.00

... and for those who haven't seen the video yet..

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sweet dreams or a beautiful nightmare?

I am usually a fan of Miuccia Prada's Miu Miu young and fresh line. But when they dropped this BOMB shoes on me for s/s 2010 I wasn't very impressed....or was I? My first reaction was the common WTF were they thinking? These things are beyond hideous.
But then I took a second look and I started having mixed feeling, which to this day I can't seem to have straightened  out.
They might not be your typical pretty shoe, but these artsy chunky heels might actually work. I mean they are bulky, colorful, isn't that everything we love on a good summer shoe?

So the million dollar question is... Are these child like platforms doing it for you.. or are they just plain yuck!

Help me make up my mind.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best product out there

Do you want your skin to look as glowing as hers?

Well, then let me tell you about the little piece of magic I discovered while browsing at Saks.

The Dior highlighting face powder aka "the mystery behind Edward Cullen's diamond like shine".
From the color, to the smell, to the packaging you can tell this product was made with only one thing in mind.. giving women that celeb-like luster.
The powder is $ 55 dollars and part of Dior's spring 2010 Dentelle make-up collection. Which is a lace 1920’s inspired line.
Isn't this a nice little way to take on the lingerie lace trend that is all over the catwalk? Plus a cute little addition to your make-up bag?

Think about it ladies... it is a limited edition!

Monday, January 18, 2010

pretty in pink at the Golden Globes

Perhaps the best dresses of the night were the ones worn by Emily Blunt and the precious "Chanel girl" Diane Kruger.
Kruger was wearing a  delightful pink Christian Laxroix, and although some websites have placed her as one of the worst dressed, I really like this look. This dress has character, stands out, and doesn't look like your typical "you are boring me to death" red carpet gown.
Moving on to Miss Emily Blunt, which is not a stranger to the best dressed lists. Does she ever go wrong? The softness of her  Dolce & Gabbana dress, and makeup are incredibly chic. Perfect compliment to her subtle yet hard to miss accessories.

What do you guys think?

Things I am currently craving..

Aside from chocolate...(which I cannot eat because bathing suit season is around the corner)
Hot pants a' la lady Gaga..
These are going to be big huge in oh' 10, and many designers have included them in their shows, take Sophia Kokosalaki for example.
My outlook on this is that if worn with a blazer or a loose top these can look quite adorable...
Always pair them with heels to elongate your figure.
And if you don't want to bare it all wear them with tights..
My favorite are the black moschino's $ 450 in net-a-porter or the red ones from American Apparel $22.

but I wonder..

Aside from celebs how many of us are willing to put our booties on display?

hot pants

Friday, January 15, 2010

I want to be delgada to fit into my Prada

This song is my new obsession so I thought I’d share it..

Happy Friday my fashionistas


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For the love of sandals

Designers.. you are killing me here!!
The year has barely started and I am already making a list of the spring shoes I want  need to own.
Everybody seems to be on their A game lately.
Here are my top 3 choices and the peculiar names I chose for each.

eye candy

1. The Disco stick (n): Christian Louboutin shoes perfect for a club night out. Head-turners. Part of the spring/summer 2010 collection. Really high heels
Synonyms- hot, bright, and fabulous
Sentence- "I sure want to take a ride in these"! 

2. Miss Fierce (n): Christian Louboutin shoes worn only by those who are not afraid of showing off, and carry themselves with confidence. What the Na'vi girls from Avatar would have worn if I would have directed the movie. Attention grabbers.
Synonyms- exotic piece of art, tribal meets gladiator, ferocious
Sentence- Naomi has nothing on your Miss Fierce.

3. The Editor (n) - Yves Saint Laurent shoes highly demanded in the fashion industry. Just like the classic black YSL's tribute sandals but with a summer feel. Must have item if you want to be the next Andrea Sachs.
Synonyms- Olivia Palermo, fashionista, comfort meets New York, social must have
Sentence- A million girls would kill for this job.. and for your shoes.

and there you have it! Definition and all.

Monday, January 11, 2010

"the" military jacket

I have been looking for "the" military inspired leather jacket for ages, and I finally found my perfect fit (at the most unlikely store).
I am not a fan of Bebe's clothing/quality/style but for some reason I fell in love with this leather jacket...
and at $229, I think it fell in love with me back, because its arriving home tomorrow.

Now I just need to pair it with the perfect YSL's (sights).
Will my obsession ever end?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Survival basic for spring 2010

It's all about the nautical trend this spring season & I am loving every minute of it! Designers seem to be stripe crazy!
Don't know how to do the sailor look without looking like you are about to head out to a Halloween party?
Don't worry.. I have put together a collage to help you ease into this trend.
First and foremost ACCESSORIES, yes ladies that is the secret!
You can try this beautiful Chanel bangle for just a mere $ 1,625 at selected Chanel stores (way too much right now uncle Karl, but worth saving for) or what about the LV ones at $565 each?
Not wanting to spend a fortune? Try these simple wheel post earrings from Urban outfitters for just $12 or nautical charm earrings from Top shop for $ 12.
You can also add a twilly to almost everything ponytail, neck, bags.. just keep it under the same blue-red color theme..
and speaking of bags.. If you keep your clothing subtle why not try a bright red one!
I am obsessed with the for-now-unatainnable Birkin di Hermes and this vintage quilted Chanel only for $895.00
So accessories, Check.. now moving on to clothing..Try anything stripe a' la Coco Chanel (not altogether please)

 A stripe dress or skirt (the See by Chloe ones I picked are adorable) or a cardi (my next Top shop purchase $50).

Now (my favorite part) the shoes. Which are supposed to be under accessories, but are a whole new category for me.
The drool worthy YSL Hampton sandals don't have that name for no reason.
I think of hot, party, bubbly, celebrity-filled ,summer word combinations when I see them

For the flat lovers a red stripe ballerina pump..only $24 at
Now a weird fact.. Jessica Simpson can actually manage to make decent looking shoes (I can't bring myself to say pretty) but these wedges are not half bad.. not half bad at all

still not sure... check out Palermo's take on the issue

You have read it & seen it.. now it's time to stimulate the economy!