Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yet another fabulous finding

I've missed you guys.
Look! I found this amazing sequins dress from Elie Tahari for $20 in TJMaxx.
Those who look find ;)


Happy Holidays

Friday, November 26, 2010

Christina Aguilera is one lucky lady

This is way too much!

He seriously needs to stop being so amazing!

I finally got a look at the Christian Louboutin's heels he created for the movie Burlesque.
and stunning is simply an understatement.

they remind me of the Tsar for spring 2010...

.... but on fashion steroids 

drool on.


A very Waldorf thanksgiving

For this year's Thanksgiving dinner I decided to go back to my Waldorf roots.
Unfortunately this was the only picture I took :/



dress: rachel roy

check out this little number!

My fabulous Black Friday finding!

I am beyond excited. I got this Brian Reyes dress at a sample sale today for only $199.oo. The dress is usually 1200.00. wow! I know! The dress is from his 2010 spring collection.

... and did I mention how much I adore the creative genius that is Brian Reyes?

Thank you Black Friday.

I can't wait to show you guys in a photoshoot. There might be one coming really soon ;)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

If it is not Pucci..its Donna Morgan

I am a total Pucci fan, but since most of my money is spent on shoes I have to go for the "chic yet affordable" strategy when it comes to clothes.
So for lack of a Pucci dress I bought myself a Donna Morgan dress that looks just like if it was out of Emilio's spring runway.
This is the dress..see the resemblance?

I also went to her website and there are a lot of cute affordable pieces like this one.

Happy shopping!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

the puffier the better!

You guys know I am a sucker for puffy ballerina dresses.
Check out this pretty little number for Zara.
I paired it with Mary Janes for a fun yet out together look.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

They are not just shoes, the stories behind them make them special

"I am a firm believer in destiny and from the moment I saw these shoes I knew they were meant to be mine". 

Most people will tell you that their love for shoes is a life long trait that develops when they first try mom's heels by the age of 4... and I agree. I also remember falling a couple of times running to meet my mom at the door with the click clacking of her own heels, then six times bigger than my feet. But that was just love, the obsession came in later; and as far as I can remember this obsession became part of me on a Sunday afternoon halfway through a bowl of ice cream the Sex and the City series.
As soon as I saw those pink Louboutin sandals I just knew. I looked and looked everywhere with no luck; of course I should have know I was not going to find a pair of shoes from the 90's. 

Finally I realized my wishful thinking and started buying other styles and colors until one day in one of my many "carrie bradshaw pink louboutin sandals" google search I found the Mount Street petal sandals.

So similar and yet much more me. The search was over and I felt the relieve. So I called and called and called numerous places and nobody had these shoes all I would get was "these were last season" answers.
By this second heartbreak I'll admit I forgot about them and that brings me to my quote

"I am a firm believer in destiny and from the moment I saw these shoes I knew they were meant to be mine". 

One day window shopping around Neiman Marcus on the sales rack, a little dusty, the petals crumpled   together and half a size smaller were my perfect shoes. I even had no money at the time to splurge but how could I say no? so I said yes!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Emergency alert to all Fashionistas!

These babies are missing from my shoe closet!!! and are no where to be found!

I saw these Nicholas Kirkwood lace leather booties in the Nordstrom spread of the Sep. issue Vogue, but I can't find them anywhere online..
and I really really need to have them.

If you happen to have any information, please let me know.


a shoe rehab drop out.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Its time for lady Gaga to put her pants back on

Menswear is something that has fascinated us women for quite some time. We try to incorporate the trend here and there, but sometimes we fall short. What is it about wearing an empowering pant suit we are so afraid of?
I think its the idea of losing our precious femininity after years of dresses ruling the catwalk.
But we must not be afraid of the pant suit any longer, because it has been brought back and reinvented to suit almost every taste.
Coco Chanel created a pant suit in 1933, and girls like Olivia Palermo wear one today. However, little did I know that the pant suit was also popular in the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's. 

However, it was Armani that was king of the trend during the 80's after seeing some of his designs this year I think the brand and has come back to regain its title.

It was also seen at Chanel 2011 resort, Balmain rtw 2010 and Donna Karan to mention a few.

Now the question is.. is sleeker silhouettes and tailoring at its best what it takes for us to wear a pant suit?

You tell me!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quick fix

Hi guys:

As I was coming back from the mall I realized I lost my camera's memory card..but luckily my mac did the trick (which apparently is cutting my head off).

But oh well.. at least you guys get to see the outfit good stuff .

I have been trying to wear a lot of white lately because come fall there won't be any of it in my closet. As for shoes I was wearing nude Zara bow pumps.

and there you have it.


Zara shirt,shorts, and shoes, Paul smith frames,Michael Kors watch, Banana Republic bangles, and Aldo ring.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hot and right now!

Totally loving the skinny cargo pant look. 

Very right now.
Very cool casual.
Very in.
Very must have.

... and after so many very's and not enough $ I decided to shop for less and found my perfect pair at Bebe for $ 119.00. Unfortunately I couldn't find any pictures online but I will be wearing them very soon.

If you want something similar to Leighton you can try these 7 for all man kind for $ 169.00

Rihanna who was also spotted doting the trend is wearing J brand Houlihan skinnys which cost approximately $ 230.00

So soldier drop it and give me 50!.. comments that is :)


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Designers doing good

It is so nice to see designers who make good use of their fame!
We all already know that DVF is a one of them, and she has proven it once again by designing hospital gowns for Cleveland Clinic.

The idea came about when Diane met CEO Toby Cosgrove, at a networking conference in 2007. 
The patients needed something a little bit more comfortable than the standard hospital gown, and Diane agreed to be part of the change.

So, she did what she does best and reinvented the gowns to something that allowed more coverage and gave it a little pizzazz with a happy print.

Don't we just love her?


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Guilt trip

I just hit me that the end of my summer is around the corner, and although I thoroughly enjoy the warm weather, the easy  flowy dresses, and the sun baked skin I must admit there is nothing I love more than Fall fashion.

 It starts growing on me  about mid-August. It's sort of a mental thing right now nothing summery interests me, but instead my attention has been turned to something I am not very proud to admit.. fur.

I am aware that animals should not be slaughtered for the sake of fashion, but the coats are just so breathtaking that I find myself forgetting what they are made out of.

I have been reluctant to shop for one, because I find it somewhat unethical, but at the sight of an Oscar de la Renta I might perhaps start changing my mind. I feel guilty for even saying it!

To both be guilt free and satisfy my fashion craving I have decided that faux fur might just be the way to go.

.. and by the looks of the latest Chanel fall campaign it is resembling the real deal more than ever before. In fact its almost hard to tell the difference.

So what would you be this winter.

Will you be fur free or not?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ring leader

There is a trend that I am loving right now and I call it the "many rings trend".
Basically, you put all of your favorite rings together and wear them. It's not really an easy trend to follow because there has to be some sort of harmony between the jewelry, otherwise it would look awkward and unbalanced.
But when the look is achieved right it looks unbelievably stylish.

These two ladies got it right!

My best advise is combine the simple with the out there. Maybe two extravagant rocks and two simple bands, with a funky one in between. Don't be afraid to combine silver and gold, it gives it that little bit of extra daring edge.

I also really like the Pandora rings to do these crazy combinations.

A fashionista's Island

One of my favorite blogging girls has just started a new feature in her blog . The feature consists of a challenge. She will post a different topic and her readers will dress up according to their interpretation of the topic. Fun right?

This week's challenge was the Island and below is my version of the Island girl.

Since Islands are deserted might as well make myself queen of the place right?

What would I be wearing?

An easy breezy Alexander Wang shirt dress
tortoise cat eyes to protect from the strong UV rays
a YSL belt and ohhhh those YLS SHOES!!

If I get tired I can always change to Sam Edelman leopard print flats... and as far as jewelry goes I can't really decide so threw my top 3 choices there.

Too dressed up for a deserted Island? I think not.. you never know who is watching.


Fashion Trends & Styles - PolyvoreThe Island

YSL patent bow belt
140 GBP -
More Yves Saint Laurent belts »