Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Scribble time

After much crazy doodling & careful consideration I have arrived to the conclusion that as of today I have NO IDEA what to wear to the Sex and the City Movie showing TOMORROW.
One thing is certain I will be wearing my "something blue".
Stay tuned for the rest of the outfit I hope I can make the girls proud!

I apologize for my lack of drawing abilities

ohh and speaking of the girls. I finally got my hands on the book that features all the looks for the movie. Everything is in there.. down to the lingerie!! It was a really good buy but I feel like I cheated on the movie a little bit by watching the outfits ahead of time.
The book is called " Sex and the City 2. The stories.The fashion. The adventures" and it's
$ 20.00 paperback.

Dahab = gold

I forgot to show you guys this adorable necklace I found at bebe about two weeks ago. They really are stepping it up! It's very Nefertiti meets the city

I am also sporting the darker eyebrow trend.. you like??

Job hunting day 1

Sadly I am recently unemployed.. but on a good note I have been called for 3 interviews already and (crossing fingers) hopefully I will soon find a suitable place to work my life away.
Today I decided to enjoy my interview (I am not one to like them) misery by dressing up & posting my business-y outfits for you guys. I had a little bit of a Palermo's vibe today. 

What will I feel like tomorrow?

DVF blue dress, Nordstrom tights, Zara bag with DIY ribbons, Louboutin Delics, Valentino jacket

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vote vote vote

This is just a quick little post. I entered this little bluefly contest thanks to a fellow blogger's page visit her here . Contestants have to basically post a picture of their favorite summer shoe and right now I am loving my mules. You just have to vote for your favorite shoe. Yes just that easy! 
You can search me under Amy or the the name I gave my picture wait for it.... "sweet sugar candy man" hahaha don't ask why numerous nights watching sex and the city are starting to rub off!
If my shoes are not your thing you can also vote for Socalfashionista. She is wearing the most beautiful Bianca pumps. I swear this girl is my blogging soulmate and we don't even know each other she is just like me just a few years older same clothing style, same writing style, same footwear love!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Most stylist celeb of the week

She has won the title of Cannes Queen of Change.
Kate Beckinsale might be there as a judge but she sure looks the movie star part. Marchesa, Balmain,  & Gucci Couture.. somebody has to wear them right?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Andre Leon Talley

This is the logic behind this post. I think it's super important to know the key names in fashion in order to be properly informed..but sometimes with all the name dropping we just don't know who people are! So I have decided to create little fun facts cheat cheat for my readers and each week I will give you guys a little bit of info about someone relevant in the fashion industry.

Today's lesson is Andre Leon Talley just because he cracked me up in ANTM's last season.

  •  Former Vogue's editor- at- large
  •  Raised in North Carolina
  • Claims his grandmother (who raised him) gave him an “understanding of luxury.”
  • Front row favorite at Paris, Milan, London, and NYC (yess the guy you have seen a million times next to Wintour)
  • Currently judging panel for America's Next Top Model
  • Loves to wear extravagant outfits
  • Very close to Mariah Carey

 So what do you think of this post waste of time or good idea.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mark your calendars!!

Remember May 27 the girls are back!!! 
To celebrate & I am sure also promote the movie my favorite crazy stylist Patricia Fields has created a new Sex and the City 2 inspired line. The items featured are hand-picked by Fields herself & she not only sells you the clothes but also tells you what accessories to wear! 
An outfit from the lady who dresses Carrie Bradshaw? Yes please!
Aaron Potts has illustrated the images for Miss Fields making the line THAT much cuter!
So, are we excited for the girls comeback or what?

Celebrating us..because WE are worth it

Nope its not National Fashion Day, but today I feel like celebrating trendy women all over the world because who says we need a special day to be chic?

For those who have a closet full of nothing to wear
For those who know the difference between blue and cerulean
For those who think Sex and the City 2 should be a day off from work
For those whose knees grow weak at the sight of a red sole

Happy day :)

pictures from beautiful women from Paris, Milano, and New York thanks to the Satorialist.


you know you love me..


The devil looking chic at a Topshop opening in London.
Rare but much appreciated appearance..It's nice to see her out from time to time.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Most stylist celeb of the week

She can go from Coachella chick to Valentino in seconds.. & she always stays true to Raybans.
 Plus she is a lover of the anna sandal (and so am I..)
It's no other than the lovely Kate Bosworth..

Now my question is what do they put on this girl's complexion?

Just when I thought I liked spring...

Fall came and it kicked its little butt.
Spring is always so cutesy, colorful & full of happiness and I am all for that.. until I start seeing fall collections and the only thing on my mind is fierce shoes + leather pants.

Christian L. never fails to amaze.

Hello military white booties goodbye summer wedges.. you are no longer of my interest!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Keeping up with the Kardashian's fashion line

I have returned!! Hopefully you guys have missed me, and needless to say I am oh so very sorry for my abrupt absence :(..
but moving on.. there has been a LOT going on in my life, including a new found love for the Kardashians.
I admit to have watched the show here and there.. and like every other girl I have wished to have Kim's hair & figure but I have never been a die hard fan... until now.
The collection they debuted at Bebe has had me lusting over a few pieces.
2 pieces in the course of a  week were the beginning of a serious "must have" problem.
The line screams sexy, sophisticated, and curve hugging with a hint of class. Plus I can totally see the sisters wearing every item. I do agree they have their hit and misses but overall they did a great job.
One thing I noticed about the line was how large it runs so If you are a small you will most likely have to buy an extra small. Way to boost our self-esteem right? As far as quality I can tell you they use great fabrics, which was a bit unexpected. Prices range between the $100-$200's.
These are a couple of my favorite looks debuted in New York Fashion Week.

... and this is one of their rompers worn by yours truly

and by the gorgeous Kim

Would you buy the sister's line?