Monday, November 30, 2009

Titanic meets the Nutcracker

Leave it to McQueen to give me something to blog about..
For his Spring 2010 collection he graced the catwalk with the stunning Titanic ballerina pumps.
These remind me of the packaging for the Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume (which is amazing by the way).

The designer perfectly combined the concepts of beauty and harshness a continuing trend that keeps going strong from the military inspired wear of many 2009 Fall collections.

Only McQueen would create such an innovative shoe .. and this is when we thought that nothing could top the Armadillo heels, which goes to show us that nothing tops McQueen like McQueen does!
It makes me wonder, what else does he have in store?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Would you say that I strut?"

Could it possibly be? Carrie Bradshaw strutting down the streets?
Actually, it was me doing my best impersonation of the tutu wearing New Yorker and her Manolos.. because life just isn't the same without her..
So, would you say that I strut?

My inspiration..

On me: tutu skirt: Forever21, clutch VBH, shoes Manolo Blahnik "something blue" pumps
Special thanks to Jeanette Echevarria photography

Monday, November 23, 2009

Now this is how you do bridal

So, after seeing Paris Hilton's atrocities I wonder what shoes I would actually wear on the (far, far...) day of my wedding.. and in my opinion nothing screams bride louder than the Manolo Blahnik's "something blue", or as many of you might know them "the sex and the city blue shoes". These shoes cannot be truly appreciated unless you have them on. Pictures just don't do them justice. I even saw them at stores several times and had no intention to own them until my boyfriend gave them to me for our anniversary. The detail is mastered to perfection, and the heel is what truly makes the shoe. In the SATC movie they are said to cost $ 525, I don't know if it was due to their popularity after the movie but now they retail at $945. These shoes are so special that I haven't worn them yet after six months (usually brand new shoes barely last a day in my closet).

Now.. (drum roll..) these pictures are from a little photoshoot I have been working on..
Actually I am not even supposed to post them yet because the photographer has to initial them, ..but I can't wait any longer!!

So forget what you saw before, and here for your delight is Mr. Manolo.

Stay tuned...

Saturday, November 21, 2009


You know how every girl needs to have a little black dress? Well, I think every girl should have a little black pair of these.

The Delics were my very first red sole purchase and to this day I think of them as my little treasures.I remember driving the girl from Barneys crazy because I couldn't find any pair of shoes that was just right.. and then she showed me the suede Delics and I fell in love. They are like the classic Chanel.. something that will never go out of style.. and did I mention they are a great investment?
I know fashionistas are recession proof (meaning they will do just about anything to get that must have item), but this shoes at $685 rank between the lowest price points in the Louboutin collection, so you can make a lifetime investment you won't feel so bad about.
Besides these are the MOST conformable pumps a girl could ever have, and we all know sometimes we need a break from the 6" heels. These are black suede with a 4 3/4" inch heel and round toe. Ohhh and did I mention you can wear them with any outfit? I have done classy, and casual with these shoes and they never disappoint.

So.. did I convince you yet?

On me: top: Barneys, Jacket: Boutique, Bag: classic Chanel, Jeans: Forever 21, sunglasses Roberto Cavalli

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Louboutin, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Hilton??

Paris Hilton has never been one to be known for her fashion sense. If you don't believe me..

umm exactly..
But anyways, the heiress last endeavor has been to become a shoe designer and not just a regular shoe designer but a BRIDAL shoe designer ( please note the emphasis on designer). Yes, you have read right..and believe me I was more than shocked. So after reading this at Coco Perez I decided to do a little research and check out her creations ( hoping that they wouldn't be as bad as I was expecting).. but of course they were worse. I think the problem might be the combination of the cheap looking material with the fact that all the designs look the same. The shoes retail at $120 (at least she was reasonable with the pricing), and are part of the Destiny by Paris Hilton collection... oh and wait the best part is they feature Hilton's " signature pink sole" (We have have seen that before Paris, maybe you were having McQueen flashbacks) I don't see why anyone would walk down the isle with these, but do you?

Here are some examples to help you make your decision

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Speaking of tights..

It was finally a tad bit cold in Miami, and while many took out their scarves and hats I took out my booties!!! Finally!
Did I mention I love booties? They are my alternative to knee high boots because they compliment my size rather than make my legs look shorter.
This time I opted for the Dior serpents. These are my red Dior twins (see previous post) and I absolutely love them ( I was on a two month waiting list to get them!).

So I took my 4 3/10" copper heels for a walk...

and then this happened..

and I wasn't too excited about that!..

Eventually I got over it because at least I got plenty of pictures for you guys to see :)

Hope this weather suits you all well and I will go crawl into my little corner now.


thebrokenheel girl

On me: Zara skirt, '09 Fashion Night out tee, Chanel necklace, Nordstrom tights and sweater, Prada sunglasses, Speedy 35 Louis Vuitton bag

Stockings are to shoes what diamonds are to diamond rings

..Along comes the winter and then your left out wearing nothing but pants right?... WRONG ! Not on my watch you are not! Try adding your perfect skirt,dress, or even shorts a pair of stockings and you will see wonders. Stockings are the perfect compliment to any shoe, flat or heel. Sheer black ones give your work day outfit a touch of professionalism, and your cocktail dress a touch of class, dark opaque ones can be worn with nearly anything and add trendiness to your outfit, and if you want something more fun you can go crazy with them by mixing patterns and bold colors. The best part is you can buy them anywhere, and for less than $ 20 dollars.It may seem a little bit Blair Waldorf-ish at first but with the right guidelines you can achieve this sophisticated style.

1. Don't use colorful stockings with an already LOUD and over-accessorized outfit, remember simplicity is the key to this look..


2. Be careful where you sit.. you don't want this to happen..

Ooops.. watch where you sit Miley
3. Stick to flats or heels, you do not want to look 12 y/o .. unless you are..

These are the ladies who got it right (applause)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Olivia we see that!

It seems like I am not the only one obsessed with the YSL tribute sandals. Our favorite social Olivia Palermo has used them quite a bit during these past few months.

She wore them here..

and here...

and here..

I guess this Upper East sider is more down to earth than she appears to be.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

She can pull it off.. but can you?

What happens when you pair off Sarah Jessica Parker and military boots? ..A stunning fashion forward photo shoot.. and that's what Elle got for their December issue.
For most people this could be an epic fail but SJP can certainly pull anything off!
But fear not there is a better alternative out there for those of us who want to get on the military trend train. I recommend these buckled Giuseppe Zanotti Balmain boots. They are edgy, tough, and have that " I am a woman that can step over anything with my heels" feel.

And before you think they are ugly look at these models!! Balmain has the ability to make everything strange look beautiful!

Elle got the photos but what do you get? A 4.5" inch heel and a kickass style!