Sunday, November 15, 2009

Speaking of tights..

It was finally a tad bit cold in Miami, and while many took out their scarves and hats I took out my booties!!! Finally!
Did I mention I love booties? They are my alternative to knee high boots because they compliment my size rather than make my legs look shorter.
This time I opted for the Dior serpents. These are my red Dior twins (see previous post) and I absolutely love them ( I was on a two month waiting list to get them!).

So I took my 4 3/10" copper heels for a walk...

and then this happened..

and I wasn't too excited about that!..

Eventually I got over it because at least I got plenty of pictures for you guys to see :)

Hope this weather suits you all well and I will go crawl into my little corner now.


thebrokenheel girl

On me: Zara skirt, '09 Fashion Night out tee, Chanel necklace, Nordstrom tights and sweater, Prada sunglasses, Speedy 35 Louis Vuitton bag

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