Monday, November 23, 2009

Now this is how you do bridal

So, after seeing Paris Hilton's atrocities I wonder what shoes I would actually wear on the (far, far...) day of my wedding.. and in my opinion nothing screams bride louder than the Manolo Blahnik's "something blue", or as many of you might know them "the sex and the city blue shoes". These shoes cannot be truly appreciated unless you have them on. Pictures just don't do them justice. I even saw them at stores several times and had no intention to own them until my boyfriend gave them to me for our anniversary. The detail is mastered to perfection, and the heel is what truly makes the shoe. In the SATC movie they are said to cost $ 525, I don't know if it was due to their popularity after the movie but now they retail at $945. These shoes are so special that I haven't worn them yet after six months (usually brand new shoes barely last a day in my closet).

Now.. (drum roll..) these pictures are from a little photoshoot I have been working on..
Actually I am not even supposed to post them yet because the photographer has to initial them, ..but I can't wait any longer!!

So forget what you saw before, and here for your delight is Mr. Manolo.

Stay tuned...


  1. wow i like what you've done here...keep up the great work!!

  2. Thanks Adina, make sure to come back :)


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