Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Caught in a bad Romance

You have seen them on the runway but have you seen them in Gaga yet? The new queen of pop is as famous for her music as for her wacky/crazy/totally amazing style and for her new music video she got caught in a bad romance with these special dancing shoes.

Ofcourse, none other than the much talked about Alexander Mcqueen 12" inch armadillo heels. Perhaps the most amazing part of his spring 2010 collection. .. and let's just say the lady looked every bit of her fabulous self.

Now the question is do you dare to walk in these?

Note: The "It" shoe for Spring 2010 will not be sold in stores, but because of its high popularity it will be auctioned soon probably at an unattainable price.

Stay tuned for details

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