Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Louboutin, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Hilton??

Paris Hilton has never been one to be known for her fashion sense. If you don't believe me..

umm exactly..
But anyways, the heiress last endeavor has been to become a shoe designer and not just a regular shoe designer but a BRIDAL shoe designer ( please note the emphasis on designer). Yes, you have read right..and believe me I was more than shocked. So after reading this at Coco Perez I decided to do a little research and check out her creations ( hoping that they wouldn't be as bad as I was expecting).. but of course they were worse. I think the problem might be the combination of the cheap looking material with the fact that all the designs look the same. The shoes retail at $120 (at least she was reasonable with the pricing), and are part of the Destiny by Paris Hilton collection... oh and wait the best part is they feature Hilton's " signature pink sole" (We have have seen that before Paris, maybe you were having McQueen flashbacks) I don't see why anyone would walk down the isle with these, but do you?

Here are some examples to help you make your decision


  1. Wow! That's bad. Very, very bad. And proof that you can't just stick a bow on something and hope it looks good.


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