Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stockings are to shoes what diamonds are to diamond rings

..Along comes the winter and then your left out wearing nothing but pants right?... WRONG ! Not on my watch you are not! Try adding your perfect skirt,dress, or even shorts a pair of stockings and you will see wonders. Stockings are the perfect compliment to any shoe, flat or heel. Sheer black ones give your work day outfit a touch of professionalism, and your cocktail dress a touch of class, dark opaque ones can be worn with nearly anything and add trendiness to your outfit, and if you want something more fun you can go crazy with them by mixing patterns and bold colors. The best part is you can buy them anywhere, and for less than $ 20 dollars.It may seem a little bit Blair Waldorf-ish at first but with the right guidelines you can achieve this sophisticated style.

1. Don't use colorful stockings with an already LOUD and over-accessorized outfit, remember simplicity is the key to this look..


2. Be careful where you sit.. you don't want this to happen..

Ooops.. watch where you sit Miley
3. Stick to flats or heels, you do not want to look 12 y/o .. unless you are..

These are the ladies who got it right (applause)

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