Saturday, November 21, 2009


You know how every girl needs to have a little black dress? Well, I think every girl should have a little black pair of these.

The Delics were my very first red sole purchase and to this day I think of them as my little treasures.I remember driving the girl from Barneys crazy because I couldn't find any pair of shoes that was just right.. and then she showed me the suede Delics and I fell in love. They are like the classic Chanel.. something that will never go out of style.. and did I mention they are a great investment?
I know fashionistas are recession proof (meaning they will do just about anything to get that must have item), but this shoes at $685 rank between the lowest price points in the Louboutin collection, so you can make a lifetime investment you won't feel so bad about.
Besides these are the MOST conformable pumps a girl could ever have, and we all know sometimes we need a break from the 6" heels. These are black suede with a 4 3/4" inch heel and round toe. Ohhh and did I mention you can wear them with any outfit? I have done classy, and casual with these shoes and they never disappoint.

So.. did I convince you yet?

On me: top: Barneys, Jacket: Boutique, Bag: classic Chanel, Jeans: Forever 21, sunglasses Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Alright, I'm sold. LOVE your pics! I want a pair.


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