Saturday, April 17, 2010

Separated at birth?

I am a huge Gossip Girl fan. It's my Monday night addiction, so I try to incorporate a little bit of the show's style into my own. Usually I am a total a Blair, but now that I changed my hair to a lighter shade after decades of being brunette I feel a little more Serena-ish. So, I decided to give Ms. Van der Woodsen's signature ponytail a try.
I am by no means a messy hair style person so it was quite the challenge..

As far as my outfit goes I tried the lingerie look with a white blazer  and a top I found on a Victoria Secret catalog.

By the way a lot of people have been telling me lately that I have a resemblance to Jessica Simpson. What do you guys think? Separated at birth or not?

Thursday, April 15, 2010 happy!

I never keep secrets from my readers but this one I was tempted to..
If you are a fashionista you are also likely to take care of yourself... and that not only includes eating right, and exercising, but also following a skin treatment routine (even if it is just putting sun block on every morning).  I don't know about you guys but the thought of wrinkles and sun spots terrify me, and let's face it who doesn't want to age gracefully?
The only skin brand I trust is Clinique, there is something so clean and simple about its products that has kept me going back for years.
Usually I only buy the 3-step  skin care set, but my face tends to be a little dry and I wanted something that would add extra moisture. That is when I was introduced to my buddy "water injection".

The name is Moisture Surge. The oil-free gel works for all skin types and it is fragance free and 100% allergy tested.
It looks good enought to eat & makes my skin feel baby butt smooth.
Seriously, the best mouturizer out there!
The 1.7 oz is $ 34.00 and the 2.5 oz is 46.50.

You will thank me when you try this ;)


shoegossip girl

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Arabian nights

I came across these pictures of Catherine Baba a while back and thought "this has to be the only person in the world that could pull off the turban chic look this well". 

The look was also seen on Kate Moss at the MET Gala back in 2009..

But why am I talking about it now? Well ladies, I think turbanesque head pieces are on their way to become the next big thing. 
I walked into Zara yesterday and there was the trend. At first I thought it was one of their clever European styling tips, and then I saw it again in Saks... and then I realized the turban will also be making an appearance in the next Sex and the City movie!
That must mean something!

I know this look can be quite the challenge so if you just want to try it without investing a fortune I suggest this piece from
It is only $ 7.99

Not daring enough for the turban? Try a head scarf like this Parisian girl! A wide one with bold prints is sure to make you stand out in all the right ways.

I will be trying this soon! Will you?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tacky vs. tasteful part deux

If you read my blog you probably know that I am obsessed with Carry Bradshaw at this point. I am studying  to be a Journalist thanks to Carrie for God's sake!
Now we all know the Sex and the City sequel is coming up on May 27..and it's a girl thing to get all dolled up for that kind of event. I already have about six possible outfits to wear and we are not even a month away! Now if I am going to get carried away I want to get carried away all the wayyy! So.. I have been debating whether or not I should I get the Carrie necklace..of course with my name instead. I think it is a little bit tacky..but I can pull it off right? Patricia Fields has this one on her website for $ 200.00, but every time I put it on my shopping cart it reminds me of Jlo instead of Carrie and I drop the idea.. BUT this time around I REALLY want it.

So what do you guys think tacky???

...and speaking of Sex and the City.. here is a little treat.. the extended trailer.
Soooo good I get goose bumps and Aidan? Really?

Tacky vs. tasteful part one

I have always loved Louis Vuitton luggage, but I had never been a fan of the brand's bags until I got my first Keepall last year. One of the main reasons I love the keepall is because of the insane amount  of things I can fit in there! Seriously its like never ending.. but for some reason now I need more space! I need survival things like a 32 ounce bottle water, an agenda, an umbrella, my collection of a million MAC lipglosses. You get the point.. a girl needs more room now days, and that is why my new lover to be is the neverfull..

The name says it all! You can probably fit yourself in it for one of those "need a moment" times when you just want to disappear.

Now.. thing about LV is that you can now get your purses personalized with your initials online! But I am kind of iffy about that. I don't hate the idea, but I am not sure I love it either. Sometimes it makes me feel like the personalization cheapens the look.
You have 17 colors to chose from and endless combinations!
 (.. and I was not paid for that free ad)

My question is .. Would you get your LV personalized? Is this tacky or tasteful?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No news is usually "no good news"

Can I vent in my blog??.. 
I have been uninspired lately...
It might be because I am spending most of my weekend time in bathing suits... or maybe it is due to my lack of sleep..BUT the one thing I know is that this fashionista is finding it reaaally hard to put an outfit together in the morning. So hard that I will admit.. I have been slacking on my fashion choices.
I almost forgot.. I have a list of "things" to blame for my fashion withdrawals other than my lifestyle:
1. Bergdorf Goodman iphone application: THANK YOU for posting such breathtaking shoes every morning. I jump out of my bed with an unexplainable desire to open you and see what my next obsession will be. I hope you all note the sarcasm... If anyone has this ap they would know! Seriously Bergdoft hire a new buyer for your shoe department!
2. The look of the day polls are becoming boring and repetitive. Please do something about this.
3. DVF: Is it possible to please lower your prices for this spring collection? We are experiencing financially hard times and I like every piece. It is kind of giving me anxiety!

The only one thing that has made go "interesting" this week for a strange reason was Missoni's collaboration with converse... and I say strange because I am neither a fan of Converse or Missoni.

Now my question is...
Does anyone else get fashion withdrawals?