Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No news is usually "no good news"

Can I vent in my blog??.. 
I have been uninspired lately...
It might be because I am spending most of my weekend time in bathing suits... or maybe it is due to my lack of sleep..BUT the one thing I know is that this fashionista is finding it reaaally hard to put an outfit together in the morning. So hard that I will admit.. I have been slacking on my fashion choices.
I almost forgot.. I have a list of "things" to blame for my fashion withdrawals other than my lifestyle:
1. Bergdorf Goodman iphone application: THANK YOU for posting such breathtaking shoes every morning. I jump out of my bed with an unexplainable desire to open you and see what my next obsession will be. I hope you all note the sarcasm... If anyone has this ap they would know! Seriously Bergdoft hire a new buyer for your shoe department!
2. The look of the day polls are becoming boring and repetitive. Please do something about this.
3. DVF: Is it possible to please lower your prices for this spring collection? We are experiencing financially hard times and I like every piece. It is kind of giving me anxiety!

The only one thing that has made go "interesting" this week for a strange reason was Missoni's collaboration with converse... and I say strange because I am neither a fan of Converse or Missoni.

Now my question is...
Does anyone else get fashion withdrawals? 


  1. Amy, I completely agree with the DVF prices for this season. They are insane! I thought I was seeing things when I read $545 instead what use to be $345!

  2. Yes fashion withdrawals. i have plenty of clothes in my closet but sometimes i walk out the door with something else when it should be totally FASHIONISTA everyday! ehhh. Fun iphone apps, i bet their cool can't wait to get my ipad so i can have Fashionista Apps :). Cute Converse dont own any yet these are super cute.


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