Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hey guys remember that little poll I had you guys do where I was undecided as to what shoes to buy?
Well.. I have actually failed to tell you that aside from the tangerine Loubotin sandals I ended up to my pocket's dismay also getting the black patent tribute YSL's.
I promise to properly introduce them with a photoshoot..but for now here is a sneak peak and don't be fooled by that crazy looking heel they are the most comfortable shoes on the planet!! I have worn them so much already that my Louboutins are starting to get jealous. 

Also I wanted to show you guys the detailing of this olive Zara blouse. I had been wanting something military looking because that's the one MUST have trends for both spring and fall. It's really beautiful in person and has great great material.

Thumbs up for my friend Zara..



  1. Cute Blog! Wonderful Shoes all around.

  2. Love the whole outfit..I've been thinking to get those YSl too..But after i saw it on u,i wanted it even ur blog..

  3. good to know! i've been dying for a pair of tributes, i'm so happy to hear they're actually comfortable. louboutins actually kill me! xx

  4. i love your dress!!!!!!!! nice blog honey. i follow you, i hope you follow me tooooo??? kiss ;*)


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