Wednesday, March 10, 2010

black shades on my face..

Ohhh Sun thank you for showing up again!... which reminds me... I need a new pair of sunglasses!
If you haven't heard, Madame Diane Von Furstenberg came up with a new line this year.. as if we needed another reason to love her.
and with the 1970's inspired shades she is bringing sexy back to our eyewear collection... take that JT! 
Think retro, colorful, and stylish all a DVF girl would love in her closet reduced into a pair of sunglasses. 
& a plus plus.. a $ 125.00 - $ 175.00 range that won't break our pockets.

$ 125.00

$ 145.00

..Merci Diane, J'adore!


  1. After reading your google profile, you are officially my new blogger crush, haha. Thanks for being so sweet over at "Other Dumb Questions;" I also have a fashion blog because, like you, I am passionate about all things art, beauty, and style: Oh, and I also watch Sex and the City reruns for wardrobe inspiration, lol... and have spent my lunch money on a fashion magazine. Both head-shakingly true.

    Enjoying your blog, love; come visit mine sometime!

  2. Thank you for the sweet comment :)

  3. Lovely blog- adore your header :)

    I like these....DVF does it all!


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