Sunday, March 28, 2010

A standing ovation

We are not strangers to the idea that the fashion industry is an eat or be eaten one.
In this process of Darwinism designers need to evolve and embrace new concepts in order to stay in the lime light.
Fashion, rather than commercial means is a form of artistic expression, and a fashion show is well.. as SHOW were a designer's wildest dreams come true.
..and nobody puts on a show better than John Galliano for Christian Dior's Fashion House.
I looked over a decade of Haute Couture shows by Monsieur Galliano and noticed that he truly is a master of design as an art form. His shows are not only about beautiful garments but also embrace different themes.
Here are my findings, along with the names I gave each show.

Spring 2001
Naughty Librarian 
all about the lingerie trend & red luscious lips

Fall 2002
Channeled tropical exotic dancers with outrageous headpieces 

 Spring 2003
Madame Butterfly
His interpretation of the modern Geisha 

Fall 2003

Spring 2004
This show was all about the Egyptian culture

Fall 2004
Austro-Hungarian princess

Fall 2005
The picture of Dorian Gray

Spring 2006
The French Revolution

Fall 2006
Joan of Arc
He was one of the pioneers of the woman warrior concept

Spring 2007
Japanese Blossom 

Fall 2007
Lady Dior
My personal favorite

Spring 2008
Garden tea party

Fall 2008
Amelia Earhart

Spring 2009
High society

Fall 2009
Modern Moulin Rouge

Spring 2010
The art of Equestrianism 

Fall 2010... doesn't this leave you wondering what could possibly be next?

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