Tuesday, March 2, 2010

girlfriend is branching out.. if anyone cares

News update: Ms. Jessica Simpson who used to be a singer/actress  is adding luggage to her already busy resume of shoes, lingerie, swimwear, handbags, accessories, clothing, the list goes on and on.. oh and the latest before THIS latest watches. 
Now, I must admit that her shoes aren't half bad... sometimes, her bags may require some work.. but might work, and her clothing is.. well sometimes mediocre, and sometimes ok.
She used to be a fashionista...back when I was 14..

Now my question is... Do we want/need more Jessica Simpson in our lives? and of course I say this with love.


  1. I LOOOVE her shoes! The luggage is quite cute! I fly frequently so I like the idea! Jessica is def doing all that her little heart desires, I commend her for that. Oh yea didnt she have a line of hair extensions? lol

  2. lol actually that is the first thing she came out with and then came everything else. I do admire that she has made quite a business woman of herself, but I wish she would also continue with her music career. The girl has a lovely voice.

    Thank you for your feedback :)

  3. I agree the bags are not my favorite. The shoes are hit or miss. But this luggage is cute! Too bad my husband would never agree. Although I did talk him into a DVF set, so you neve know :)


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