Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nude is the new black

My mother always told me "when in doubt wear black"... and I always stuck to her sound advice. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why 99.9% of my closet consists of black garments.
Let's face it.. black is trendy, slimming, and pretty much goes with everything BUT is it essentially a fall color. Don't we agree?
So if you want to wear something equally appealing but less harsh and more romantic why not try nude.

nude is the new black The non-color has been the object of designer's affection in spring rtw runways.

Take Valentino and Burberry Prorsum for example

Celebs are also taking notice of this trend..

A cute way of incorporating nude to your wardrobe without going all out is trying it on your nails.
Essie's color Allure has the perfect shade of nude.

The way I see is " a little change never hurts". I know we have been attached to black "this" and black "that" for as long as we can remember.. but is just for spring
we will be back to black for next fall.


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  1. love the head to toe nude look! can't wait for my new nude shoes to arrive!


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