Monday, March 15, 2010

I've got a situation...

and no it's not related to the Jersey Shore.. more like Miami Beach! 
Let's just say I can't even bring my fingers to type.. 
too much sun + too little sunscreen = lesson learned..
but then again I always tell myself the same thing and end up doing the opposite the first day of beach season. 
Can you blame me? I know we have all been guilty of  looking at our legs after winter and with horror seeing them look transparent... and that's not all.. right there and then we have all made ourselves the promise to bake in the sun until looking golden fried. Am I right?
Ok no more excuses for me.. It all happened because I am not a fan of self tanner, which I bet can be blamed on Perez Hilton and his million daily pictures of Lindsay Lohan looking forever orange ..

Anywayyss moving on to vital relationships..

meet my new loves..
I met them in while watching Dior's rtw fall 2010 collection. 

and..thanks once again to John Galliano my hopes of a well deserved vacation are once more shut.
I simply can't have a relaxing get away thinking about these while drinking mango margaritas!!


In the meantime all I can do is dream..

xoxo a then a happy  and shoe-less gossip girl

ps. I am sort of in love with CW's newest reality show High Society starting Tinsley Mortimer..but I don't want to jump to conclusions yet because I've seen nothing but episode one. Watch it this Wednesday at 9:30 and let me know what you think .. they call it sex and the city meets gossip girl.
.. they wouldn't throw those names for nothing..

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  1. Awesome shoes !
    I love them, the heel is amazing!


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