Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Parents beware..

Good Morning Upper Eastsiders and wanna be Upper Eastsiders (like myself):
Gossip girl Our favorite treat is back & full throttel for what it seems!
Did anyone watch the Hurt Locket yesterday?
Drama drama drama. The episode was good.. not as good as season 1 episodes but has there ever been a season like the first one?
The cons: Chuck being a sob story... Let it go C, we preferred you as a party animal. All that business talk is making you unappealing.. and close to your 40's.
Dan Dan Dan... I have never liked his character so no matter what he will always be a con for me..but anyways what was his purpose in this epissode? He spent like 5 minutes of airtime.
The pros: Serena and Nate.. didn't really think I would like this pair at first.. but now they are growing on me.. I wonder if that has anything to do with their steamy hookup!
B... you are great, keep it up!.. BUT stop pretending you are Chuck's wife please... I kind of like you better in scheming mode.
That was your episode recap.. now on to fashion..

Dear S.. auction that bag please!

This dress looked amazing on her.. I just wished they would have bothered to do her hair for once.

B looked like an old lady..but a really cute old lady. Her earrings and blazer are to die for!

Little J just looks misunderstood.

So what did we think about the Hurt Locket?
you know you love me,
shoegossip girl ;)


  1. soooo excited it's finally back! The closet hook up was hot, but were they not promising a really steamy scene, I guess it's next week. I don't want Rufus to cheat on Lily with that woman! She looks like she needs to eat something.

  2. By the way, I just spoke to Mima. What a sweetheart! Thanks again Amy!

  3. OMG i forgot all about Rufus!! I personally don't think he has the b**** to cheat on Lily lol and yes! she def. needs a burger or two!
    and besides who sits at home all dressed up waiting for someone to knock on the door lol

    and you are very welcome :) she is great!


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