Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hello print lover

Apparently I have been living under a rock.
Of course I have heard of the name Tracy Reese but it never really interested me.
As usual I (the self declared ultimate print lover) did not know what I was missing!
It all started when I was desperately looking for a spring dress & my boyfriend happened to see a beautiful blue puffy one on (I am sucker for puffy .. anything puffy reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw in Paris).. anyways before I lose you all with my  rambling.. I went like a crazy person all over my school's campus to find a spot where my iphone would get signal..finally logged on to gilt and there it was my precious dress from no other than Tracy Reese.. and of course some other b.... already had bought it! (I should have said some other girl..but that is certainly not what I thought at the moment and I am trying to be realistic here).

Anyways with no dress I decided to check out Miss Tracy Reese's collection..
& surprise surprise BEAUTIFUL dresses! Definitely worth checking out!

I ended up getting this one... (which was my new obsession until I got new shoes).. gorgeous and very well executed.

unique prints & ladylike silhouettes? Plus plus plus for Tracy Reese.

Thanks gilt or should I say thanks boyfriend for this epiphany 


  1. Wow that purple dress is AH-MAZING!
    You really DO need to thank your bf!

    Stace x

  2. Such a pretty dress and what a good bf you have! Gilt drives me nuts too, the minute you click on something and those dread words "already in someone else's basket" come up I get soooo mad!

  3. that purple dress is super fab !

  4. hi amy, thanks for stopping by. come visit my blog anytime.

  5. thx much for the comments in my blog .
    have a great weekend !


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