Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring RTW

It's finally time to put into practice all that pre-spring/summer trend knowledge.
So I decided to put a little list together to help us all ease into this transition.

1. The number one trend for spring will always be COLOR.. no matter what anybody says nothing makes a girl happier than looking at a colorful wardrove after months of black, nude, and gray.
But there is such thing as too much color & for those of us who have a hard time deciding on what is too much why not ease into it with a RJ Graziano necklace. I have the aqua one and I have worn it out!!
$ 68.00 at Nordstrom

2. Stripes: It's all about the Lady Gaga jailbird telephone look. She is a trend setter no questions asked.
Cropped tees are also in full force! The striped one from topshop is only $ 28.00.

3. Military: I have been wanting to buy this Patricia Fields hat for agessss!! ($ 40) .. but I am not sure if I will have the courage to actually wear it in public! While I make up my mind a kaki blazer will do. Add a military belt and you are ready for Vogue.

4. Easy on the body dresses: It's summer, we want movement and something we could wear over our sunburned bodies (that would be a yes please! for me right now). I specially LOVE the gray drape mesh tunic from Topshop $65.00.

Items in this set:
Flute One Shoulder Dress, $90
Petite Stripe Knot Crop Tee, $28
Ruched Sleeve Blazer, $125
Torn white striped jersey 'Astrid' tube mini skirt, $74
Mesh Drape Layer Tunic, $65

What other trends will you be wearing this summer?

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