Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Manolo gets playful

..with polka dots that is! After my daily visit to my favorite blog in the whole wide world (after mine) Fashionising. I came across this spread of the January 2010 UK Vogue, and aside from the beautiful Thakoon dress there was something else that called my attention. Her polka dot shoes of course.

I started my research to find out to who's collection they belonged to.. and found out that they are part of the Manolo Blahnik spring 2010 collection.

Well, that took me by surprise.. specially considering that he is a fan of the little heel (that's what I call everything under 5"). The shoes look really high, and the polka dot pattern is lovely. It reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw is Paris.

Here is a closer look..

Do we love it or do we love it?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The ever so chic Louise Ebel

When does she ever go wrong? I posted her outfit a couple of weeks ago as the Parisian outfit of the week. Little did I know that I was talking about the queen of french fashion blogs.

This girl puts everyone else to shame, forget about Olivia Palermo (unless she proves me otherwise) (although she will always remain my girl crush) it's all about Louise!

Take a look at her impeccable style. She is yet another reason why I love the French!

Monday, December 28, 2009

2010 is almost here

New year's eve is all about the bling. But who has millions to invest in jewelry right? (I know I wish I did!). But regardless of your budget I got you covered with different little ideas on how to add that "boom boom pow" effect to your outfit. So what are the basics? One gold or sparkly touch is all you need! That is about it! (seriously it's sort of like the rule). So I picked some of my favorite pieces from shopstyle to help you guys create your very own New Year's eve outfit! (which is a subject that is probably driving you guys insane right now).

So shine on ladies!

 1. Jewelry

It doesn't have to be insanely expensive. Little pieces with lots of character will do.
Bib necklaces for example where huuuge this year, why not celebrate the upcoming 2010 with a highly talked about 09 trend?

If necklaces are not your thing, perhaps a cocktail ring? and when it comes to these rings the more obnoxious and dramatic.. the BETTER!

If you choose a bracelet instead, make sure it has different textures, colors, and shapes. That is sure to bring your outfit from not so glamorous to " did you see how fabulous she looks?" (oh yeah! Samantha status)

2. Accessories

Another option to add sparkle without breaking your pocket, is adding a cool accessory.
Studded belts are more in right now than they were back when the sex and the city movie came out!
Headbands are always a favorite (and this has nothing to do with the fact that I have just spent 2 nights in a row watching the first season of Gossip Girl.. just saying).
Bobby pins are also super cute, and if you want to keep the gold to a minimum why not let your nails do the talking with a pretty golden polish.

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

3. Clothing

I am absolutely in love with these BCBG skirts. Wear them with a flowy top in a basic color (that's one outfit that would never fail).

BCBG Max Azria at ShopStyle

4. Shoes

Last, but not least.. shoes. This really should not be coming from me because I bet there are plenty of beautiful gold shoes out there ready to take my breath away... but I really do refuse to wear anything but these golden C. Loboutin's. Why? Because these are the closest I could ever get to the $ 3,400 studded pigalles Carrie Bradshaw wears in the Sex and the City Sequel...But you guys get the point, gold, sparkly shoes will do the trick.

& as you waste the night away
Popping champagne and exuding grace
Remember back to the last year
and how it brought you joy and tears.
& as you ask that it may bring
peace love and happiness within.
Don't forget what you learned here
wish for a brand new pair of Loboutins.



Saturday, December 26, 2009

It happens to everybody..right guys?

First off, Merry Merry belated Christmas to all!! I had a wonderful time & I am sure you guys did too!
Second, I promise I am not getting into the habit of not writing, it's all Santa's fault!

As far as good things to check out this weekend.. MAKE SURE you get to see Avatar (I know I sort of bashed it on my last post.. but the movie is worth every penny). It's futuristic, the colors are unbelievable, and if you watch it 3D is a great cinematic experience (but enough of that, I am far from being a movie critic).
I'll keep you guys posted

Lahv lavh lavh ( as Gaga would say), shoegossip girl


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No more million dollar shoe?

Well, at least for this year. Stuart Weitzman has decided to pass on the Oscar tradition this February, due to the current financial crisis our country has experienced this past year. Stuart’s million dollar shoe endeavor dates back to 2002. It works this way; he picks a lucky Cinderella and then trades the glass slipper for a jewel encrusted one. The ladies get to wear rubies, sapphires, and diamonds worth millions on their feet!
It’s sad that such an anticipated event for shoe lovers won’t happen, but it’s good to see the conscious side of designers, and a more understated Oscars tells the viewer that we are all experiencing the recession.
Cheers, Weitzman! I think others, such as the ($ 500 million) makers of Avatar should maybe get a clue.

Monday, December 21, 2009

I'll teach you my dirty little secret

As I was walking all around the mall yesterday I noticed people were looking at me with weirded out faces, even “scared for my life faces”, which really threw me off. I ran to stare at myself in a window display embarrassed that I may have had a “wardrobe malfunction” (isn’t that the first thing a girl looks at?) and as I did so I noticed that the painful looks were directed towards none other than my 5” stilettos. Of course! Who would seriously walk the mall like that! Only Posh, and me on certain special days. But what people don’t know is that underneath the ball of my foot lays my dirty little secret, or as the manufacturer likes to call them Foot petals cushions. These are life saviors; you could seriously walk for hours before your feet start to hurt. The best thing is that they have a huuuge selection of different colors and shapes that adjust to everyone’s different needs. They’ve got the pumps, the sandals, the boots, the sling backs, every kind of shoe covered! And the prices are very reasonable as well. To get more info visit

By the way I am not a spokes person but these things really work!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The shops are open until late & I am enjoying every minute of it! After a loooong day shopping (or trying to) I decided to give you guys a little treat since I haven't posted photos of me in a while. So this is what I wore for my outing. 

I am loving the belted cardi trend as you guys can see. Comfy and stylish are my middle and first name
(notice the order please, I would take style over comfort in a heart beat).

I wore this cute little leggings I found at Nordstrom for $ 24. Yeah that cheap! The lace detail is tres tres chic.

I also threw on a silk scarf I also found in Nordstrom last year (how Blair Waldorf of me right?). My choice of shoes were the Louboutin delics (which I pretty much wear  any day that requires walking).

I finished the mini photo shoot with my best Adriana Lima impersonation (according to my boyfriend)! So long, farewell & Happy Holidays to all of you!!!
of course I will keep you posted with my festivities outfits
but until then
xoxo shoegossipgirl

I guess Gossip Girl pays her well

I am def. kind of hating Blake Lively. The girl has it all! Not only is she beautiful (& I have seen her in real life so its not photoshop or editing), makes big money, but also has the opportunity to either own or borrow the ultimate shoes. But, enough about her, its all about the golden pigalles (you might recall these from my previous Sex and the City post).

.. and even more so about the Calypso. She wore these at an appearance at the 2009 Angel Ball in New York City. Did I mention these are part of the total madness Louboutin Fall Collection?  and at $ 3,400 they are madness alright! These are a celeb. favorite, and have been worn by Christina Aguilera, Vicky B, Khloe Kardashian, Charlize Theron, and Estelle. With suede & swarovski crystals if I had their bank accounts I would be wearing them as well!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fabulous outfit of the week

I found this one in the Satorialist blog (great source of inspiration by the way). This lady looks all kinds of classy and age appropriate! These two are very important style rules for me. Nobody wants to see a 50 year old lady wearing liquid leggins right? (Not that she looks anywhere near 50). The oversized earrings are absolutely tasteful, and I have to find out where her shoes and bags are from.

This is what I call a Hepburn replica in the city?
Do you guys agree?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Her name was Rio

So, my boyfriend thinks I was totally exaggerating on my last post by comparing DVF's spring and resort looks ( in which I totally think the Resort collection kicks ass!), that's why I decided to show you guys the Resort Collection and let you be the judges. 
Her Name was Rio hit the stores in November 2009, and out of all the looks I saw there was barely any that I passed on with a ehh next! (which was not the case with the 2010 spring line). I mean just the oversized bows are seriously Cute! (although I am still trying to figure out if I will be bold enough to wear them in public). The skirts & dresses on this collection are super short, which makes any look more youthful and fun. The colors are vibrant & the prints to die for! I personally LOVE the Warholian style splash of paint on the second look!
So is it spring or resort? Thoughts?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am giving the boss a review

If you are not familiar with Diane Von Furstenberg, you should be! Especially if you are the kind of girl who loves flowy dresses, exotic prints, and a fresh take on modern women wear. This is actually the first post I do on DVF, and it certainly won’t be the last. I have waited so long because I have so much material to discuss. Let’s face it her clothes are absolutely fabulous, and not only do they look fabulous, but they also fit fabulous. The Furstenberg has a superb way of working around real women’s bodies. Her clothes accentuate curves and hide flaws, what else can a girl ask for? Also, did I mention my ultimate life goal is to work for her? You get it, I love the woman! After the brief introduction..on to the 2010 Spring collection. I must admit I am not completely satisfied with this one, especially after her beautiful resort collection for this year. BUT there are some pieces worth highlighting. The pants for example, can’t get better than that, the tailoring is perfection and so are the golden hues. The prints are also absolutely gorgeous, and I love the belted shirt & cardi, look.

Overall, although not as good as the resort collection this was a big success on my eyes.

Diane sure knows how to show them who is the boss ( as I call her).

The Dutch duo bring on the drama

Victor & Rolf never fail to amaze with their incredible sense of creativity. For their spring 2010 collection the designs were a little over the top wild & I loved it! Loved the optical illusion concept, the big puffy gowns, the colors, everything!

It left me wanting to see more! & in the quest of looking for more I found these..

A bouquet of roses for our feet? I am not quite sure how I feel about them? I certainly wouldn’t rush out the door to buy them, BUT I admit I can’t help but stare. They are pretty, but in a "I would always keep them in the box sort of way".

What do you guys think about the Victor & Rolf creations?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sometimes the sequel is better than the original

I am not very fond of Sergio Rossi's shoes. I don't dislike all of them either, but they just don't do it for me. However, there is another Rossi out there, who also happens to be Italian, a shoe designer, and Sergio Rossi's son, whose shoes are as good as a guiltless snack. Meet Gianvito Rossi. His designs are incredibly feminine and the details on the shoes look impeccable. The price range starts at $500.00, but unluckily for us American’s he only has boutiques in Milan and Paris. However, sites such as sell the collections. I actually found him snooping around new shoe trends in Vogue. He was featured as the “designer to watch for” for his spring 2010 collection. With pretty green satin bows, and ultra femme fatale silhouettes I am definitely adding Gianvito to my shoe addiction list. Until then Ciao to the beautiful shoes!