Friday, December 11, 2009

Vintage Mary Jane's wished they looked this good!

The Mary Jane flat trend was cute and all, but leave it to Loboutin to throw a heel and a red sole on something average and make it fab! Only he can turn something like this..

into this!

... and just like that the former school girl shoe got reinvented.
The Decocolico pumps are made of suede and have a 5" heel and 1/2" platform.
These can very well be the perfect date shoe. You can wear them with a dress or jeans and still look put together and sexy.
I got these for $ 855.00, but now they are on sale in Saks for $597.00!!! so ladies I think it's time to defrost those credit cards, trust me these shoes are something worth splurging on.
They put me in such a good mood that I decided to play dress up..


  1. Amy, submit your pics (along with your posts) to a fashion magazine! I'm serious. Your posts, your photos, they're beautiful. You should be in print, girl!

  2. thank you that's the plan :)
    I am waiting to have a little bit more blog traffic to send them to Elle.

  3. okay this is going to be a stupid questions- but why are you painting the bottom of you CL with fingernail polish? Is that fingernail polish? I haven't invested in CL's yet so I'm outta the loop...

  4. lol not a stupid question at all, and truth is I am not really painting it, it's just for creative purposes :)


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