Monday, December 21, 2009

I'll teach you my dirty little secret

As I was walking all around the mall yesterday I noticed people were looking at me with weirded out faces, even “scared for my life faces”, which really threw me off. I ran to stare at myself in a window display embarrassed that I may have had a “wardrobe malfunction” (isn’t that the first thing a girl looks at?) and as I did so I noticed that the painful looks were directed towards none other than my 5” stilettos. Of course! Who would seriously walk the mall like that! Only Posh, and me on certain special days. But what people don’t know is that underneath the ball of my foot lays my dirty little secret, or as the manufacturer likes to call them Foot petals cushions. These are life saviors; you could seriously walk for hours before your feet start to hurt. The best thing is that they have a huuuge selection of different colors and shapes that adjust to everyone’s different needs. They’ve got the pumps, the sandals, the boots, the sling backs, every kind of shoe covered! And the prices are very reasonable as well. To get more info visit

By the way I am not a spokes person but these things really work!



  1. Foot pedals.... awesome! I love my big heels (you guys know that), I'm way more comfy walking on those than anything low! As a matter of fact, I went quickly to the mall on Saturday did about a one and a half hour of walking and I wished so bad I had been wearing heels! I went in my nikes and I was dying of lower back pain after! A lot of people don't understand that though... :)

  2. But you know I understand :)

  3. Where can I get those?

  4. In their website, Nordstrom, or Neiman Marcus :)

  5. Can't believe I've never heard of these before! Thanks girl!

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