Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No more million dollar shoe?

Well, at least for this year. Stuart Weitzman has decided to pass on the Oscar tradition this February, due to the current financial crisis our country has experienced this past year. Stuart’s million dollar shoe endeavor dates back to 2002. It works this way; he picks a lucky Cinderella and then trades the glass slipper for a jewel encrusted one. The ladies get to wear rubies, sapphires, and diamonds worth millions on their feet!
It’s sad that such an anticipated event for shoe lovers won’t happen, but it’s good to see the conscious side of designers, and a more understated Oscars tells the viewer that we are all experiencing the recession.
Cheers, Weitzman! I think others, such as the ($ 500 million) makers of Avatar should maybe get a clue.

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  1. im dissapointed! haha maybe he can stimulate the economy by spending that much on a shoe! ;)

    love your posts always,



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