Thursday, December 10, 2009

These boots are made for walking..

Well , not really, these are more for sitting pretty. This is how the story will have a five minute affair with them, then you will want to throw them out because they are so PAINFUL, and then you will take a second look at them, sigh because they are so beautiful, put them away for a week or two and then go through the same ordeal! But enough bashing, these Christians are by far the hottest boots I own,  maybe because they are soooo high ( which explains the pain situation). The sleek Mamanouks are a pair of suede low boots, (they are too high to be considered ankle booties, and too low to be considered boots). They feature a square toe and a 4 1/2" heel, plus a 1" platform. These boots come in two colors, black suede and leopard print in ponyhair. Since these are already a statement shoe I went for the more subtle black, but if you are a fierce enough the animal print is the one for you!

On me: Armani Exchange liquid leggins, Chanel purse, Valentino Jacket, and self made necklace.


  1. Amy, the boots are stunning. But more than the boots, I am loving your pics!
    You make me want to buy stuff I can't afford!

  2. love the second and third outfit especially! you have beautiful style! i wish i could indulge in boots like that!


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