Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The shops are open until late & I am enjoying every minute of it! After a loooong day shopping (or trying to) I decided to give you guys a little treat since I haven't posted photos of me in a while. So this is what I wore for my outing. 

I am loving the belted cardi trend as you guys can see. Comfy and stylish are my middle and first name
(notice the order please, I would take style over comfort in a heart beat).

I wore this cute little leggings I found at Nordstrom for $ 24. Yeah that cheap! The lace detail is tres tres chic.

I also threw on a silk scarf I also found in Nordstrom last year (how Blair Waldorf of me right?). My choice of shoes were the Louboutin delics (which I pretty much wear  any day that requires walking).

I finished the mini photo shoot with my best Adriana Lima impersonation (according to my boyfriend)! So long, farewell & Happy Holidays to all of you!!!
of course I will keep you posted with my festivities outfits
but until then
xoxo shoegossipgirl

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