Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sometimes the sequel is better than the original

I am not very fond of Sergio Rossi's shoes. I don't dislike all of them either, but they just don't do it for me. However, there is another Rossi out there, who also happens to be Italian, a shoe designer, and Sergio Rossi's son, whose shoes are as good as a guiltless snack. Meet Gianvito Rossi. His designs are incredibly feminine and the details on the shoes look impeccable. The price range starts at $500.00, but unluckily for us American’s he only has boutiques in Milan and Paris. However, sites such as mytheresa.com sell the collections. I actually found him snooping around new shoe trends in Vogue. He was featured as the “designer to watch for” for his spring 2010 collection. With pretty green satin bows, and ultra femme fatale silhouettes I am definitely adding Gianvito to my shoe addiction list. Until then Ciao to the beautiful shoes!

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  1. there has one word that i do wanna say: gorgeous


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