Monday, December 28, 2009

2010 is almost here

New year's eve is all about the bling. But who has millions to invest in jewelry right? (I know I wish I did!). But regardless of your budget I got you covered with different little ideas on how to add that "boom boom pow" effect to your outfit. So what are the basics? One gold or sparkly touch is all you need! That is about it! (seriously it's sort of like the rule). So I picked some of my favorite pieces from shopstyle to help you guys create your very own New Year's eve outfit! (which is a subject that is probably driving you guys insane right now).

So shine on ladies!

 1. Jewelry

It doesn't have to be insanely expensive. Little pieces with lots of character will do.
Bib necklaces for example where huuuge this year, why not celebrate the upcoming 2010 with a highly talked about 09 trend?

If necklaces are not your thing, perhaps a cocktail ring? and when it comes to these rings the more obnoxious and dramatic.. the BETTER!

If you choose a bracelet instead, make sure it has different textures, colors, and shapes. That is sure to bring your outfit from not so glamorous to " did you see how fabulous she looks?" (oh yeah! Samantha status)

2. Accessories

Another option to add sparkle without breaking your pocket, is adding a cool accessory.
Studded belts are more in right now than they were back when the sex and the city movie came out!
Headbands are always a favorite (and this has nothing to do with the fact that I have just spent 2 nights in a row watching the first season of Gossip Girl.. just saying).
Bobby pins are also super cute, and if you want to keep the gold to a minimum why not let your nails do the talking with a pretty golden polish.

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

3. Clothing

I am absolutely in love with these BCBG skirts. Wear them with a flowy top in a basic color (that's one outfit that would never fail).

BCBG Max Azria at ShopStyle

4. Shoes

Last, but not least.. shoes. This really should not be coming from me because I bet there are plenty of beautiful gold shoes out there ready to take my breath away... but I really do refuse to wear anything but these golden C. Loboutin's. Why? Because these are the closest I could ever get to the $ 3,400 studded pigalles Carrie Bradshaw wears in the Sex and the City Sequel...But you guys get the point, gold, sparkly shoes will do the trick.

& as you waste the night away
Popping champagne and exuding grace
Remember back to the last year
and how it brought you joy and tears.
& as you ask that it may bring
peace love and happiness within.
Don't forget what you learned here
wish for a brand new pair of Loboutins.



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