Monday, April 12, 2010

Tacky vs. tasteful part deux

If you read my blog you probably know that I am obsessed with Carry Bradshaw at this point. I am studying  to be a Journalist thanks to Carrie for God's sake!
Now we all know the Sex and the City sequel is coming up on May 27..and it's a girl thing to get all dolled up for that kind of event. I already have about six possible outfits to wear and we are not even a month away! Now if I am going to get carried away I want to get carried away all the wayyy! So.. I have been debating whether or not I should I get the Carrie necklace..of course with my name instead. I think it is a little bit tacky..but I can pull it off right? Patricia Fields has this one on her website for $ 200.00, but every time I put it on my shopping cart it reminds me of Jlo instead of Carrie and I drop the idea.. BUT this time around I REALLY want it.

So what do you guys think tacky???

...and speaking of Sex and the City.. here is a little treat.. the extended trailer.
Soooo good I get goose bumps and Aidan? Really?


  1. I cannot wait to see the movie!!!! I have contemplated the same issue with the necklace. I definitely think you can pull it off. My best friend has had one since we were 5 and she wears it all the time and I love it on her!

  2. thanks! Now I think I am actually going to buy it :)

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