Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Scribble time

After much crazy doodling & careful consideration I have arrived to the conclusion that as of today I have NO IDEA what to wear to the Sex and the City Movie showing TOMORROW.
One thing is certain I will be wearing my "something blue".
Stay tuned for the rest of the outfit I hope I can make the girls proud!

I apologize for my lack of drawing abilities

ohh and speaking of the girls. I finally got my hands on the book that features all the looks for the movie. Everything is in there.. down to the lingerie!! It was a really good buy but I feel like I cheated on the movie a little bit by watching the outfits ahead of time.
The book is called " Sex and the City 2. The stories.The fashion. The adventures" and it's
$ 20.00 paperback.


  1. Amy, I can't wait to see the movie tonight! I'm going straight from work so only my shoes will be switched. I bought the book too and I tried to not look but I did! loved it! But I will look again paying attention to every detail after I see the movie!


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