Thursday, June 3, 2010

As promised! and spoilers

THIS is what I wore to the SATC 2 premiere here in Miami. 
I was feeling the whole middle eastern cultural vibe of the film, and as you can see I did a little repeating because some things are just meant to be worn more than once.

blouse: Zara, harem pants: DVF, bag: Chanel, shoes: Manolos, necklace: Bebe

As for the film. Where did they get the critics?? The movie was amazing! 
A whole LOT more of the crazy Samantha we all know and love - a whole lot less of Steve (whom I can't stand) + a tiny bit of Aidan + clothes (ohhh the clothes) add all of that to an exotic set and divide by 4 wonderful ladies and you get = GREATNESS 

The critics need to get with the program! 

ok you can go ahead and read if you want to but I warned you.

Ex. Rotten Tomatoes critic 1

There's only one thing worse than faking an orgasm: faking laughter. Shame on you, Sex and the City 2, for being a 2.5-hour laughless fake-a-thon that never finds the right spot.

Me: From what planet are you? Are you seriously telling me that Samantha claiming she has sex multiple times in the middle of a crowd of Middle Eastern conservative men isn't funny? Or what about the 80s flashbacks?.. and the nanny?? There were plenty of funny times. Besides if all you want to do is laugh watch comedy central, the girls are actresses not buffoons. 

Ex. Rotten Tomatoes critic 2

Whenever the light is just right and the angle is just plain wrong, each star gets an unflattering close-up that leaves them looking like drag-queen stand-ins.

Me: Is that why you didn't like the movie? Unflattering close-ups? Number one, anybody would be lucky to look like that at 40.. and number 2 then we wonder why celebrities and real women are put into so much pressure to meet unrealistic standards of beauty! If they use photoshop/editing then they are deceiving the public, oh but if they show a sign of aging then critics get offended.

Ex. Rotten Tomatoes critic 3

Shoes, money, outfits, shoes, vagina, money, shoes, jewelry, outfits, money, shoes.

Me: It is SEX and the CITY not an Oscar nominated film so its content is not to be taken that seriously..  and what do women want to see? Shoes, outfits & money thank you very much! 

And there you have it! Don't be mislead..see the movie for yourself maybe you like it or maybe you don't but at least you can form your own opinion :)



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