Monday, June 21, 2010

What is this?

Is everyone being serious right now?
These rubber bracelets that come in all shapes and forms called "Silly bandz" (which I didn't know about :/ ) have apparently taken the market by a storm. It is all very nice and dandy when something new and innocent magically appears for kids to play with and be creative. That is one thing..but another thing is grown ups wearing them too. 
It all started with Mary Kate Olsen.. and that is all fine and dandy but now Kelly Ripa too? and wait for it SJP... why???

...maybe I am just being insensitive towards this whole silly bandz craze situation, and it will grow on me like any other trend, but I refuse it for now.
Even though the more I talk about it the cuter I find the I will stop talking about it now.

Here is proof of our beloved Carrie

ohhh kids nowdays..


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  1. Oh geez, I don't know about these things. We had to buy my little cousin 'princess-themed' ones last week while we were on vacation. SJP?? Really??!


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