Thursday, June 10, 2010

The best flats on the planet

Ok they might not be as cute as Miu Miu's or Chanel but these little flats sure have something!
One of my favorite girls Ms. Olivia Palermo is a fan so I decided to jump on the French Sole train and check them out.
French Sole is a Manhattan treasure for the fashionista on the go, because after eight hours in Tribute YSL I doubt anybody has the nerve to say that their feet don't hurt.
So for those of us who like comfort after a long day of clic's and these ballerina flats are a one cute, two inexpensive, and three comfortable solution.
They are available in about 300 styles to match individual tastes.
The Olivia and the Sloop are my favorite ones and the prices are $195 & $ 98.00.

Cute right?

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