Monday, August 23, 2010

Its time for lady Gaga to put her pants back on

Menswear is something that has fascinated us women for quite some time. We try to incorporate the trend here and there, but sometimes we fall short. What is it about wearing an empowering pant suit we are so afraid of?
I think its the idea of losing our precious femininity after years of dresses ruling the catwalk.
But we must not be afraid of the pant suit any longer, because it has been brought back and reinvented to suit almost every taste.
Coco Chanel created a pant suit in 1933, and girls like Olivia Palermo wear one today. However, little did I know that the pant suit was also popular in the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's. 

However, it was Armani that was king of the trend during the 80's after seeing some of his designs this year I think the brand and has come back to regain its title.

It was also seen at Chanel 2011 resort, Balmain rtw 2010 and Donna Karan to mention a few.

Now the question is.. is sleeker silhouettes and tailoring at its best what it takes for us to wear a pant suit?

You tell me!



  1. Well, all these styles look stunning. Now this makes me want to run out and buy work clothes!

    xo M

  2. visiting your post and I'm afraid I'll become a woo girl, because your posts are high fashion and amazing


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