Sunday, August 8, 2010

Guilt trip

I just hit me that the end of my summer is around the corner, and although I thoroughly enjoy the warm weather, the easy  flowy dresses, and the sun baked skin I must admit there is nothing I love more than Fall fashion.

 It starts growing on me  about mid-August. It's sort of a mental thing right now nothing summery interests me, but instead my attention has been turned to something I am not very proud to admit.. fur.

I am aware that animals should not be slaughtered for the sake of fashion, but the coats are just so breathtaking that I find myself forgetting what they are made out of.

I have been reluctant to shop for one, because I find it somewhat unethical, but at the sight of an Oscar de la Renta I might perhaps start changing my mind. I feel guilty for even saying it!

To both be guilt free and satisfy my fashion craving I have decided that faux fur might just be the way to go.

.. and by the looks of the latest Chanel fall campaign it is resembling the real deal more than ever before. In fact its almost hard to tell the difference.

So what would you be this winter.

Will you be fur free or not?


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