Saturday, January 9, 2010

Survival basic for spring 2010

It's all about the nautical trend this spring season & I am loving every minute of it! Designers seem to be stripe crazy!
Don't know how to do the sailor look without looking like you are about to head out to a Halloween party?
Don't worry.. I have put together a collage to help you ease into this trend.
First and foremost ACCESSORIES, yes ladies that is the secret!
You can try this beautiful Chanel bangle for just a mere $ 1,625 at selected Chanel stores (way too much right now uncle Karl, but worth saving for) or what about the LV ones at $565 each?
Not wanting to spend a fortune? Try these simple wheel post earrings from Urban outfitters for just $12 or nautical charm earrings from Top shop for $ 12.
You can also add a twilly to almost everything ponytail, neck, bags.. just keep it under the same blue-red color theme..
and speaking of bags.. If you keep your clothing subtle why not try a bright red one!
I am obsessed with the for-now-unatainnable Birkin di Hermes and this vintage quilted Chanel only for $895.00
So accessories, Check.. now moving on to clothing..Try anything stripe a' la Coco Chanel (not altogether please)

 A stripe dress or skirt (the See by Chloe ones I picked are adorable) or a cardi (my next Top shop purchase $50).

Now (my favorite part) the shoes. Which are supposed to be under accessories, but are a whole new category for me.
The drool worthy YSL Hampton sandals don't have that name for no reason.
I think of hot, party, bubbly, celebrity-filled ,summer word combinations when I see them

For the flat lovers a red stripe ballerina pump..only $24 at
Now a weird fact.. Jessica Simpson can actually manage to make decent looking shoes (I can't bring myself to say pretty) but these wedges are not half bad.. not half bad at all

still not sure... check out Palermo's take on the issue

You have read it & seen it.. now it's time to stimulate the economy!


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