Monday, January 25, 2010

Never underestimate the power of Zara

Just when I thought my relationship with Zara was over I found this little leopard print dress.
It didn't seem like much at first but after playing around with accessories I ended up really liking it. Plus I only spent $30.00 on it! Cute right?

Btw remember that ring I told you guys about back on December? Here is the promised up close shot.

.. and I finally decided to try blue mascara!!! I choose Dior Show.

 and I loveeed it!

I decided to wear the dress with my red serpent Dior pumps. My head really wanted me to wear black Louboutins, but my heart wanted Dior this time around.

xoxo with a little bit of peace..

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  1. cuuuuute! what a steal with the dress, and great shoes!
    xo niki


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