Sunday, January 24, 2010

Put your freakum dress on

I am totally hooked on Katy Perry and 3OH!3's Starstrukk song. Hooked as an like I watch the video multiple times throughout the day type of thing (so yes, it's serious).
But what I liked the most about the video was Perry's mickey mouse pink dress.
Soooo.. I went on an online hunt, and found out it is a Brian Lichtenberg design... and as usual I ended up liking more things from his collection that just that one dress.
Lichtenberg happens to be an L.A based designer with an avant- garde sense of style (don't we love those?).
Apparently celebs seem to love him too. His designs have been see on The Lady, La Lohan, Beyonce, and Miss Perry of course.

Here is the freakum dress Katy wore in the video (and I am totally buying, you can mark my words). It ranges from $250-$290 depending on the website you order it from. The only problem is that he makes limited quantities of his designs.

I also loved this shiny little piece (Lohan wore a similar one). Very 80's just what we want in 2010!
$ 368.00

And as a tank lover I went crazy for his tanks!! Specially this Brianel one.. so cute and clever.
$ 78.00

... and for those who haven't seen the video yet..

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  1. Brian Lichtenberg, I completely forgot how much I like his clothing. Thanks for posting the video!


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