Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best product out there

Do you want your skin to look as glowing as hers?

Well, then let me tell you about the little piece of magic I discovered while browsing at Saks.

The Dior highlighting face powder aka "the mystery behind Edward Cullen's diamond like shine".
From the color, to the smell, to the packaging you can tell this product was made with only one thing in mind.. giving women that celeb-like luster.
The powder is $ 55 dollars and part of Dior's spring 2010 Dentelle make-up collection. Which is a lace 1920’s inspired line.
Isn't this a nice little way to take on the lingerie lace trend that is all over the catwalk? Plus a cute little addition to your make-up bag?

Think about it ladies... it is a limited edition!


  1. okayy this product packaging is to die for !!
    but am pretty sure there's other great stuff to imitate the glowing skin in lower prices :D

    thanks for the wonderful comments dear..
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  2. I agree, but it's nice to spoil ourselves every once in a while ;)

    thanks for the comment


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