Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For the love of sandals

Designers.. you are killing me here!!
The year has barely started and I am already making a list of the spring shoes I want  need to own.
Everybody seems to be on their A game lately.
Here are my top 3 choices and the peculiar names I chose for each.

eye candy

1. The Disco stick (n): Christian Louboutin shoes perfect for a club night out. Head-turners. Part of the spring/summer 2010 collection. Really high heels
Synonyms- hot, bright, and fabulous
Sentence- "I sure want to take a ride in these"! 

2. Miss Fierce (n): Christian Louboutin shoes worn only by those who are not afraid of showing off, and carry themselves with confidence. What the Na'vi girls from Avatar would have worn if I would have directed the movie. Attention grabbers.
Synonyms- exotic piece of art, tribal meets gladiator, ferocious
Sentence- Naomi has nothing on your Miss Fierce.

3. The Editor (n) - Yves Saint Laurent shoes highly demanded in the fashion industry. Just like the classic black YSL's tribute sandals but with a summer feel. Must have item if you want to be the next Andrea Sachs.
Synonyms- Olivia Palermo, fashionista, comfort meets New York, social must have
Sentence- A million girls would kill for this job.. and for your shoes.

and there you have it! Definition and all.


  1. haha love the definitions. the disco stick shoes are beautiful!!

  2. glad you liked them.. :)
    & yess they are my new obsession



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