Monday, January 4, 2010

Le petite coquette

This is the first outfit of a vintage inspired photoshoot.
Hopefully you guys like the turn out (or may I say you guys better like the turnout) because I was freeeezing my butt off!
I am wearing Diane Von Furstenberg's Fall 2008 collection, which was 1940's inspired (and my absolute favorite).

As for shoes, I am wearing the Christian Louboutin Open Clic's. Subtle little patent peep toes with a 4.5" heel.

    LV Damier Keepall 55 & LV Spring 2009 Limited Edition carry-on

You could see my goose bumps!

Now pucker up & come back..


Special thanks to the photographer Jeanette Echevarria (find her on flickr)


  1. Aw thanks for the little comment down at the bottom(:


  2. You have a great sense of style. If do not mind I am going to start coping you.
    Best blog ever.

  3. I just commented in your post. I forgot to introduce myself. I am Alice, fashion student in New York. You should come to live here. You would be a trend setter.
    Good luck

  4. oh wow you are gorgeous!
    Thanks for your sweet comment :-)


  5. Thank you :)
    & you are welcome, thank you for visiting


  6. Babe, I totally love this pic and it completely inspires me to focus on my talent in photography. I really want to work with you, you are an awesome model and that is just what I need. Let's make this happen. Muuuuah, love you!!

  7. awwwww love you salooo!!!
    as soon as I put together another outfit I'll let you know! :D
    i am so exciteeed!!


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