Friday, January 8, 2010

Absolutamente no! (absolutely not)

That is what Italian designer Valentino Garavani says when he doesn't get his way. How do I know this? Well, by watching his 2008 film "The Last Emperor" (late, I know) in which my favorite oompa loompa (and I say that with love) debuted his fabulous diva personality, as well as his last collection after 45 years of living and breathing couture.

I am no movie critic but this movie is a must watch. It gave me that "this is why I love fashion feeling".
It shows the passion that he puts into creating clothes, and the effort that is put into creating high couture pieces.
The movie also has the sad factor, because Valentino's retirement means the end of period where clothes weren't just clothes..clothes were art, pure, handmade garments. That is a concept that is not completely lost, but that culture of fashion for the sake of beauty is slowly being pushed away by the craze of manufacturing and selling, selling, selling.
Also, did I mention it is hilarious! Seriously, who doesn't love a pushy little orange man!
I fell in love with Valentino all over again
Def. Recommend :)

"What do women want?" Beauty, what women want is to be beautiful"

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