Monday, January 18, 2010

Things I am currently craving..

Aside from chocolate...(which I cannot eat because bathing suit season is around the corner)
Hot pants a' la lady Gaga..
These are going to be big huge in oh' 10, and many designers have included them in their shows, take Sophia Kokosalaki for example.
My outlook on this is that if worn with a blazer or a loose top these can look quite adorable...
Always pair them with heels to elongate your figure.
And if you don't want to bare it all wear them with tights..
My favorite are the black moschino's $ 450 in net-a-porter or the red ones from American Apparel $22.

but I wonder..

Aside from celebs how many of us are willing to put our booties on display?

hot pants


  1. thanky for your comment!!!really!!you also have a nice blog!i love shoes!!but which women does not??:o)

  2. Thank you too for visiting Anna!
    may I suggest you become a follower ;)


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