Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Let's talk politics!

the subject: Counterfeit shoes
who is for it and who is against it?

For my birthday I got these beautiful Sergio Rossi pumps as a gift. I have been wanting them since January and you can go back to previous posts to prove it.

I found this funny birthday picture to share.. I am only missing to feature the black studded Brian Atwood sandals aka my new favorite pain.

Well the point is that the very next day at the mall I saw these at a Bebe store

Exact replicas minus the Bebe logo and a barely noticeable python pattern in the platform area.

That same day I went out with my friend and she was wearing the exact same copy of my Louboutin Delics from Aldo minus the red sole.

and she paid $ 59.00

Although these aren't exactly counterfeit items I couldn't help getting a little bit upset

Making beautiful shoes affordable to all is a great thing, but if you are to make the same EXACT shoe where does the exclusivity of paying $ 1,000 goes?

for that make all beautiful shoes $ 59.00 and spare me the months  years of saving right?

..but then again maybe I am just being a cry baby

What are your thoughts on this subject? I am eager to know!



  1. Amy, I love your Sergio Rossis!!!!! While I would have had a heart attack if I was you and I walked into Bebe and saw the copied style. I get less upset seeing designer "inspired" copies at legitimate stores like Bebe or Aldo. What I absolutley am disgusted by are the counterfeit knock offs that are sold all over the Internet claiming to be authentic. That is 100000% something I am against.

  2. I wanna let you know about my newest blog feature, please read about it and let me know what you think! Thank you so much! <3


  3. Thank you love! I hope you join the challenge and send me your pictures!
    :)) xxx


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