Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Are you ready?

After what seemed to me like "the eternal absence" I am backkk!!!! So prepare for the info overload!
You may ask yourself... Where was she? and Why hasn't she given us any feedback on NYC fashion week?
Well I wasn't in New York I'll tell you that much! I was actually laying in bed with a bloody cold! (.. maybe the X Factor is starting to grow on me) .. but anyways although delirious and unable to come up with a decent post I did watch closely all the new fall trends presented in NYC.. and as you may have already guessed... I have my favorites.. and not so favorites.. so be on the look out for that :)
So first up on my list of things to blog about is my Bebe leather jacket I told you guys about back in January.

Somehow Miami has become the next Chicago & I have finally given it some use.

Monday for example, I decided to sport my "Balmain inspired Samurai" look.
How does it work? You wear a military jacket with a high hair bun & you are good to go.

Toodles until tomorrow!


  1. Hi,

    Can I ask what shoes we can see a glimpse of in the second photo, amazing looking heel?

    The hair and jacket is a great look.

    All the best


  2. I really love your jacket!! it's too cool...

  3. thank you Laura.. and SW they are the Christian Louboutin Mamanouks you can see more about them in my Dec.10, 2009 post.


  4. Thanks Amy,

    Wasn't quiet sure from the photo above, the heel looks a lot longer.

    The blog is fab.



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