Monday, February 22, 2010

Do it like a lady...

There must be a lot of happy Park Avenue ladies out there.. and a lot of angered PETA's. 
What was the number one "must have" item present in most Fashion week collections?..  FUR a lot of FUR.

Fur at Brian Reyes, Carolina Herrera, and Oscar de La Renta...
& speaking of...
These 3 designers plus Marchesa brought classy back to the runway.

Brian Reyes known for his prim & proper uptown girl dresses made sure his rep. stayed that way.  If his catwalk was an auction it would be sold sold sold!

Carolina Herrera sure knows how to dress her socials. From the hats to the coats to the immaculate tailored pants the show was nothing but pure sophistication. 

Mr. De La Renta also toyed around with his signature classy looks, but this time more than ever they seemed youthful. Before I would think perhaps when I am 40, but this collection proved to be chic & ageless. 

Last is Marchesa & by far one of my favorites. It sort of reminded me of an Unkle Karl meets Galliano mix... which is certainly not a bad thing. It had the tattoo elements seen in Chanel's collection & the lingerie feel from Dior's.

Did I mention Marchesa always uses Louboutins??? The ones above are a sneak peak of Christian's fall collection.. and so far I approve.



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  1. I love the fur from Brian Reyes. It makes me want to live up north just so I can have the jackets!!


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