Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Miami's next big thing

It is usually very rare when I am not in the mood for shopping. One of those rare moments is when I am in "starvation" mode. As I raided the streets of Sunset Place looking for a sushi restaurant, my car came to a stop in front a little boutique, with a nicely decorated display window, and a mannequin with a pair of white shorts that screamed BUY ME. I had two options. 1. To keep going and & forget what I had seen before I passed out, and 2. Stop, go in, and suppress your hunger. I know a good thing when I see it, so I decided to go with option 2, and hallelujah for that! Not only did I purchase the “very in” sailor shorts, but I also discovered a new little boutique that you guys might enjoy.
The name is "The Dressing Room", think big couch, huge fitting rooms, and chic trendy clothing.
No wonder I felt right at home!
The store has everything from “hot right now” clothes and one of a kind jewelry to authentic vintage pieces in moderate prices. You can get pretty much anything on a $ 18-$ 120 price range, mostly in the $ 40's and $50's.
.. and that is not all, owners Danielle and Kiki want you to enjoy your shopping experience to the max. They have these so called Ladies Nights (what girl doesn't like one of those) from 5-9 pm every Wednesday where they do a little trunk show of the new styles coming in. Did I mention complementary wine?

So if you live in the area pass by for that last minute outfit!

Remember, "Whoever said that money doesn't buy happiness, didn’t know where to shop."



For more information call 305-668-4440 or visit

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