Friday, February 19, 2010

Good Morning sunshines

For me today is one of those lazy Fridays when I woke up & really had no idea what to wear.
After spending like 2 hours staring at my closet I realized one thing. I was in the mood for comfy & casual..something that I would not find in there! Soo I turned over to my boyfriend's closet & remembered a little article I read on Elle about wearing your guy's clothes as your own.

.... and that's exactly what I did

excuse the hair & sleepy face it was 7 a.m!

So rule # one.. find something that is not too big on you

I found this purple sweater.

Rule # 2 Make it fit! Go ahead belt it out. I also decided to wear a high-waisted skirt for it to look more like my size.

Rule # 3
 Add girly accessories! Wearing your boyfriend's clothes certainly does not mean looking like him.

This red ballerina flats added some color & made the outfit girly.. yet casual & comfy, exactly what I was looking for!

Last thing I threw in there was one of my "grown up" headbands.. a not too crazy one.

I went for an understated headband because my red flats were already flashy enough

So after all that I was ready to go.. with not only an brand new looking outfit
but also a little piece of "my love" to remember him all day long.



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